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What makes the Carrera 2.7 RS such a special 911? Well, it was the first 911 to use the Carrera designation due to Porsche's class victories at the famed Carrera Panamerica, and the first 911 to use the RS moniker. The name means business, and so does the rest! The 2.7 RS was based on the top of the range 911 S, featuring some pretty extreme measures in the pursuit of performance. While enlarging the engine to 2687cc, the cylinder walls were left as thin (light) as mechanically possible, just like the bonnet, roof and wings were made from steel 0,08 mm thinner than on the standard model, these features resulted in a giant slayer, which is why we lovingly titled this hommage as "Lightweight Division". Porsche had planned to build 500 examples as the first 911 homologation special, what they weren't expecting was that all would be sold within a week of being presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1972! These special cars are easily identified by the low chin spoiler, famous ducktail rear spoiler and, being the 70's, a contrasting Carrera sticker all along its side.


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